Services for software testing and quality assurance

Xpand IT is dedicated to providing high-quality software. To do so, we spent a significant amount of time creating our Quality Assurance processes and best practises, which have been deployed in software projects across a variety of sectors.

With our Quality Assurance services, you'll be able to take control of your project's lifetime, track its progress at every stage, and ensure the highest possible product quality.

To assure high-quality project execution for the world's leading organisations, our QA experts and testers use the most up-to-date procedures and technology. We bring in QA experts from the beginning to ensure that the entire development team works efficiently and that we produce bug-free software on schedule and on budget.

Benefits of software testing with Xpand IT

  • experience in the industry

    Every year, our Quality Assurance experts ensure that software solutions built in diverse projects for a variety of clients run well. They will test online applications, mobile applications, complicated corporate software, IoT systems, and more throughout this period. This is how we came up with our tried-and-true QA processes for delivering high-performing apps.

  • QA standards for SVG

    We've created our own QA guidelines, best practises, procedures, and manuals over the years. We keep an eye on the industry's direction and incorporate cutting-edge quality assurance practises into our work. As a result, our QA specialists avoid failures and ensure that every new software solution is delivered in a high-quality manner.

  • Bug fixes in SVG

    We rely on automated testing methodologies to create high-quality software that consider corporate software architecture, code, and a variety of other aspects. To accomplish continuous and agile delivery, our DevOps developers and QA testers collaborate.


  • Automation

    To assist our development teams in achieving a quick time-to-market, our specialists follow best industry practises and standards. We blend tried-and-true methods with cutting-edge technology to automate testing whenever possible, making it faster and more accurate.

  • Testing by hand

    Manual testing necessitates our experts manually executing test cases. Our engineers create test cases to ensure that your application is working properly. We don't utilise any tools in this type of testing. Our engineers take the appropriate actions and assess whether the software's performance meets the requirements.

  • Management and planning

    We look at your methodology, projects, and overall approach to software development at your organisation. We need to learn more about your processes so we can figure out which ones can be optimised or automated to assist you improve your testing and quality assurance efficiency.

  • Performance evaluations

    How can you tell if your app will be able to withstand a surge in traffic? We provide performance testing exercises that simulate workloads and help to eliminate mistakes or bottlenecks in your software to assess its capabilities and performance under stress.

  • Testing for functionality

    Our professionals know how to determine whether or not the application production proceeded as planned. We've put in place smart tools and procedures to make it simple to validate software to functional requirements and specifications.

  • Testing for penetration

    Before you show your application to clients, our professionals conduct penetration testing to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. This type of testing is critical for ensuring data security and protection.