Banking and Financial Services

A variety of reasons, the financial services industry is at the forefront of technological advancement today. Technical developments are critical for banks and financial institutions to produce services that meet their client's expectations. At the same time, technology solutions assist traditional financial organisations in remaining competitive in a market flooded with fintech startups' products and services.

at Xpand IT, we work with banks and financial institutions all around the world to improve operational efficiency, attract and retain customers, and provide the best possible user experience. Our IT expertise is focused on the financial industry. Years of profitable interactions and strategic technology relationships with financial services firms have helped us create it.

How software solutions are disrupting finance

  • Enterprise solutions

    Finance companies deal with thousands of customers, whether they are individuals or enterprises. They need effective IT solutions that can be readily incorporated into their structure and operations to manage the different needs of these accounts. By providing access to all essential data in one location, enterprise-grade solutions such as ERP or CRM systems revolutionise processes and enable data-driven decision making.

  • Digital banking

    Today, millions of people utilise banking services, making serving them manually with high accuracy and speed impractical. Digital banking solutions that are tailored to the needs of current consumers are ideal. They improve customer service by streamlining client handling operations and providing an exceptional customer experience that boosts loyalty and retention.

  • Data analytics

    Banks and financial institutions deal with enormous amounts of information. Companies must provide their employees with solutions that can handle, analyse, and visualise this data in order to unlock its value. Smart dashboards and data visualisations are critical components of establishing a data-driven culture that propels businesses forward.

  • Customer support

    Customer service systems must be responsive and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Building customer loyalty, boosting customer lifetime value, and growing a strong brand on the market all depend on providing fast and high-quality service. Smart assistance. Most of the job can be automated with excellent accuracy thanks to systems, smartphone apps, and AI chatbots. allowing agents to spend more time nurturing customer relationships

  • Database Management

    Handling the massive amounts of data that financial services firms deal with by hand is simply impossible. That is why banks invest in database systems that are more reliable, scalable, and resourceful, as well as easier to manage and maintain.

  • IoT applications

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a major player in a variety of industries, including finance. IoT provides firms with important consumer data that allows them to identify changing client needs and give value-added services, tailored banking products, and relevant financial support.


  • Maintenance & Support

    Financial software solutions are complicated and need to be maintained on a regular basis.To be of service Our staff not only creates, but also maintains and supports enterprise applications. Every level of the software development lifecycle is supported. We do this to ensure that our customers are satisfied. They can get the most out of their software investment and readily add new features as their business needs change.

  • Custom Software Development

    We assist financial services firms in transforming their core infrastructure in order to automate operations, deliver services faster, meet business targets and KPIs more efficiently, and save operating expenses. Digital and mobile banking, commercial and customer payment solutions, revenue management, billing and accounting, document management and automation, CRM systems, and other custom software solutions are among the services we provide.

  • Infrastructure

    We create cutting-edge technologies that focus on delivering best-in-class data privacy, security, and resilience. This enables finance firms to deal with mission-critical tasks while yet assuring business continuity and stability. Our dependable security solutions because of the holistic approach to IT architecture, data is protected from threats, dangers, and vulnerabilities.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Banks and financial institutions can boost efficiency by using specialized digital robots to automate tasks. Robotic Process Automation is the term for this development. Our teams have extensive expertise creating RPA solutions that address a wide range of issues. Customer onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), account opening, and mortgage lending are all affected by RPA.

  • AI & ML

    We assist financial institutions with managing large amounts of data and uncovering insights that benefit every element of their operations, including marketing, decision-making, and revenue optimization. Our teams create real-time decision assistance, customer analytics, forecasting, reporting, data visualization, and other applications.

  • Oracle DBA

    We offer Exadata, Netezza, OS, Hardware, and Database support to all business environments, including production, disaster recovery, BUAT, UAT, and DEV. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is delivered using our onshore/offshore/nearshore paradigm.