Logistics & Transportation

Today, the transportation and logistics industry is on the cutting edge of technological advancement. Companies in this constantly evolving market are relying on cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain to gain a competitive advantage, lower operating costs, and provide exceptional customer service.

Custom software solutions and mobile applications specialised to warehouse management, supply chain, fleet management, and more are available from Xpand IT Consulting to help transportation firms streamline their operations and reduce expenses. Our solutions enable businesses to save money and speed up their operations, which are two important criteria in establishing a solid position in this field.

The impact of technology on transportation and logistics

  • Integrated access to datasets

    Infrastructure, user devices, vehicles, and venue inventory all contribute to large volumes of data for transportation and logistics organisations. By collecting, structuring, and analysing data on one single platform, software solutions can help unlock the value of this data and make sense of it. This is how businesses can add value to their operations and accelerate decision-making.

  • Cost reduction

    Businesses can use software solutions to determine which aspects of their operations are costing them money, such as delivery delays, fleet maintenance, difficult workflows, or a lack of useable data. Companies can then utilise these insights to save operational costs and even lower the cost of their services, enticing customers to transfer from competitors.

  • Improved delivery efficiency

    Another advantage of implementing technological solutions is the added value they provide in terms of delivery planning. This sort of software allows for the consideration of a wide range of variables that can influence delivery time. It is used by businesses to plan routes based on real-time location data and in-depth historical analysis. Businesses in the transportation and logistics industry can also use data to find patterns in order to speed up last-mile delivery by deploying innovations like drones to carry packages directly to customers' hands.

  • Excellent customer experience

    It's more difficult than ever to attract and maintain clients in a crowded market. That is why personalisation is such a big deal in customer-facing businesses. Companies can modify their services to match the needs of their customers thanks to sophisticated software. Such technologies enable for the collection of location data at every stage of the customer journey, even when consumers are ordering products or waiting for deliveries.


  • Fleet Management

    We create fleet management software to assist businesses in tracking their cars and analysing fleet performance through user-friendly dashboards. In addition, our team provides traffic management technologies that collect and visualise traffic data in order to improve vehicle flow.

  • Asset Tracking

    Your company may maintain a high level of visibility of its corporate assets by deploying an asset tracking solution. Our staff can assist you with developing software that follows shipments and checks cargo conditions in order to ensure that products arrive in the best possible condition.

  • Navigation and Mapping

    Our navigation experts create solutions that assist our clients in planning and executing their projects. Successful logistics companies use route planning software to create ideal routes and produce precise ETAs based on real-time road conditions.

  • Supply Chain Management

    We provide supply chain management software that ensures that shipments are delivered efficiently in a variety of situations. These software solutions pave the way for more efficient supply chains, easier order administration and delivery, and streamlined logistics.

  • Warehouse Distribution

    For a seamless operation, our team creates solutions that provide insight into inventory management and storage facilities. Your personnel will be able to optimise warehousing facilities, handle inbound and outbound shipments, and store supplies with the help of our software. We also provide inventory management tools that your team may use to track and assess performance. Our solutions are simple to integrate with warehouse management systems and enterprise resource planning tools.

  • Freight Forwarding

    Our customised logistics solutions automate shipment procedures, reduce the risk of human mistake, and provide secure and cost-effective freight delivery operations. Managers who use our software have access to a variety of quoting, billing, and invoicing tools all in one place.