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Custom software's main advantage is this. We create it to match the specific needs of your company, keeping in mind that those needs may evolve over time. This is why we build long-term relationships with our clients, assisting them at every stage of the process, from concept through implementation, as well as post-launch efforts like maintenance and optimization. Hire us to create software that will give your company the edge it deserves.

Why are governments using software solutions?

  • Digitizing public services

    By digitizing their operations and making services accessible through digital technologies such as web or mobile applications, public institutions may meet citizens in the hallways. They can use software to automate human tasks and replace paper-based or archaic systems with modern, scalable solutions to save money. Manual data entry errors are no longer a concern. Governments can also provide service availability that is not limited by business hours.

  • Leveraging data analytics

    Massive amounts of data are generated, collected, and stored in the public sector. Governments engage in advanced data analytics to take use of technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to unlock its worth for wiser planning and strategy. To enable for safe data storage and full compliance, these systems must provide scalable data security and privacy.

  • Building a frictionless process

    Managers can capture the wider picture offered by data in real-time by integrating digital solutions at the core of a government organization. Simple statistics do not provide a more realistic picture. Finally, having access to data and making data-driven decisions makes processes run more smoothly, allowing the government to achieve policy goals faster.

  • Securing assets against cybercrime

    Today, security is a primary priority for the government. Every new software installation must address the issues of data privacy and security. To ensure that sensitive data is adequately safeguarded, governments adopt solutions that employ modern security technologies and testing methodologies. This helps to reduce the risk of cyberattacks and fraud, allowing agents to concentrate fully on their mission-critical activities.

  • Enabling seamless service delivery

    Providing an exceptional citizen experience is a top priority for the government today. That's why considerations like user experience (UX), optimal user interface design, usability, and accessibility should be at the forefront of any investment in customer-facing technology.


  • Legacy Systems Modernization

    We help local governments and public institutions improve their operations and install new software solutions to replace or update legacy systems at Xpand IT. We focus on addressing the most important concerns of today's digital world, such as analytics, cybersecurity, customer centricity, and automation, while developing innovative solutions.

  • Process Automation

    We create HR and payroll solutions for government agencies so they may speed up operations, spend less time on paperwork, and focus on more important matters. Our solutions include the most up-to-date analytical capabilities, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to boost the productivity of in-house and remote personnel while lowering the mistake rate associated with manual document processing.

  • Analytics

    We design and develop software used in government agencies to uncover insights from their data, improve planning forecasting, and deliver better service to citizens. Our teams use innovative technologies such as AI or the Internet of Things (IoT) to help the public sector develop a holistic approach towards questions such as energy and water sustainability.

  • Social services digitization

    Our solutions aid social service organizations in efficiently managing case-related data, improving case planning, streamlining document management, and speeding up outcome reporting. We get these companies closer to offering more accurate and tailored customer service by equipping teams with these capabilities.

  • Mobile Technologies

    We give solutions to public sector personnel and citizens using our expertise in mobile development, IoT, and artificial intelligence. Our teams create customer-facing applications that help consumers find information, solve problems, report problems to authorities, and get support when they need it.