IT Infrastructure Services

Every organisation that wants to take advantage of technology needs to invest in IT infrastructure. However, managing corporate IT environments is difficult and requires numerous judgments. Should your company migrate its apps to the cloud or stick with an on-premises solution? What about networking and data storage?

We have years of IT experience at Xpand IT, and we've helped many businesses set up, manage, and optimise their IT systems. Our consultants can help you select the appropriate hardware, software, networking components, operating systems (OS), and data storage options. Join forces with us to provide the IT services and solutions that your teams require to flourish..

Types of Software Infrastructure

Traditional Infrastructure

In a typical infrastructure, the organisation owns all of the components and manages them within its premises. Traditional infrastructure includes an on-premises data centre that stores all of the digital assets. Because it necessitates considerable initial investments in terms of hardware, electricity, and physical space, this form of infrastructure is frequently regarded as costly to operate.

Cloud Infrastructure

A cloud-based infrastructure is one that provides the components and resources that cloud computing requires. Organizations can either build their own private cloud using their own resources or use a public cloud service provider like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure to rent cloud infrastructure. An enterprise can develop a hybrid cloud architecture by combining workload mobility, orchestration, and management across various cloud platforms.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Enterprises may control their compute, network, and data storage resources from a single interface with this technology. Because software-defined computation and data storage are combined, they can support current workloads on industry-standard hardware using scalable architectures.

Benefits of Managed IT Infrastructure

  • Flexibility

    As your company expands, so does its infrastructure. You can quickly respond to new business realities and developing industry requirements by outsourcing IT infrastructure management.

  • Managed Services

    Outsourcing includes proactive network monitoring and management, database and data centre management, and security support as part of a comprehensive package. While the outsourcing company handles the operations, you have complete control without having to devote your time to it.

  • Reduced Risk

    Market conditions and rules shift frequently. Outsourcing is a simple way to manage the security and compliance risks associated with your IT infrastructure.

  • Access to Best-of-Blass Technologies

    Managing and maintaining the complete infrastructure may be too time intensive for a single company with minimal IT personnel. A supplier can keep track of everything and provide expert advise on infrastructure optimization.

  • Focus On Core Business Tasks

    You gain more time and resources to spend on your core business strengths and generate more business value by outsourcing responsibilities connected to managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure.

Our Services

  • DevOps

    With our assistance, create a complete strategy for end-to-end DevOps deployment at your company. Our consultants will assist you in automating and speeding up the provisioning of new infrastructure for your project. With a contemporary CI/CD pipeline and application release automation (ARA) strategy, we can help you accelerate the process of applying infrastructure improvements, software updates, and bug fixes.

  • Cloud computing

    We can assist you in designing, implementing, and integrating existing core services like computing, network, and storage with hybrid and multi-cloud efforts. With our assistance, modernise data centres and networks with automation and software-defined capabilities to make them cloud-ready. Our specialists will help you figure out the best way to incorporate a cloud plan into your overall business strategy.

  • Cybersecurity

    With our assistance, you can feel more secure about the security of your network and business processes. Vulnerability management, AI-assisted threat detection, fully managed security services, and business asset identification solutions are just a few of the services we provide. You will be able to detect and eliminate risks before they become an issue thanks to our solutions.

  • Database design & administration

    A database is an important infrastructure component whether you're selling things or handling internal business procedures. It optimises your data and distributes it fast to staff and customers. For our enterprise clients, our professionals have designed a variety of databases and data-driven applications. They are well-versed in database design fundamentals and use best industry practises to each solution we produce.

  • Network administration

    Using our knowledge in network administration, we know how to maintain computer networks up to date and running as needed. We ensure that all of your business demands are met while staying within your budget. Our experts provide complete support for wired and wireless networks to ensure that your company's network infrastructure runs smoothly.

  • Network engineering

    Our experts will assess your company's current and long-term needs to ensure that our recommendations are appropriate for your network investments. We provide services ranging from network expansion planning and design through network diagnostics, deployment, and integration. Make use of our network knowledge to create a safe and harmonious environment.

  • IT security & infrastructure

    Security is a critical aspect of any IT infrastructure initiative. A secure network ensures that sensitive data is fully protected and provides employees with an uninterrupted connection. Organizations need to evaluate their system and network performance for potential security flaws and vulnerabilities regularly. Thanks to our experience in architecting IT infrastructures, we ensure that the systems we develop satisfy both the operational and security requirements of our clients.