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The world is getting increasingly digitised, and business practises and society will become increasingly reliant on technology. New vulnerabilities, complicit attacks, and disruptive cyber threats arise as a result of this significant digitalization. Organizations will need to ask about the threat horizon on a regular basis in order to be effectively prepared. This will be a useful tool for analysing an organization's information risk and IT security strategy, as well as highlighting what needs to be altered.

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    Policies, processes, and practical application are all part of information risk management, which involves mapping and drawing up risks. IRM includes terms like risk assessment, business impact analysis (BIA), and recovery time objective (RTO).

    The probability of an incident and the repercussions that follow are referred to as risk. To put it another way, the risk is determined by the threat, weakness, and repercussions. There is no such thing as a risk-free environment; instead, companies must consider what risks are tolerable.

  • IT Security

    IT security encompasses a wide range of topics, including architectural and infrastructure management, cybersecurity, testing, and, most importantly, information security (InfoSec).

    Based on the CIA Triad, InfoSec is taking extra precautions to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of important corporate assets. To fulfil such objectives, any IT security programme must take a holistic view of an organization's security needs and implement the appropriate physical, technical, and administrative controls.